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Absolutely. MonoCLR is 100% safe to take daily. There are no side effects and all ingredients are 100% natural. MonoCLR does not contain any undeclared prescrption drugs that can harm you. MonoCLR uses the power of nature of help to body restore balance and find relief. It’s all in the science. Studies show that natural antibiotics and immune system boosts work even better than traditional prescription drugs for certain types of infections.
You can take MonoCLR for its immune system boosting benefits and not just for immediate relief for mononucleosis. There is no harm in continuing to take the product as a disease preventative and immune system supporting supplement after your infection with mono has ended.
MonoCLR is formulated with a trusted solution that’s been used for hundreds of years to fight against infectious diseases. The Epstein-barr virus that causes the symptoms correlated with Infectious mononucleosis fails to resporate when in the presence of a mild silver solution. When applied topically, for example to tonsils in the mouth, MonoCLR’s relief can be felt within minutes – as the virus cells stop functioning, allowing for your immune system to take back control.
MonoCLR™ is non-toxic and non-habit forming. The active ingredients include two all naturally occuring and clinically researched ingredients that help support a strong immune system. Take as recommended.
If you’re not satisfied, return within 30 days for a full refund.

However if you have questions about your orders status, or exact suggested usage / therapy protocols, please give our support and service team a call at 888-888-8888

There are no known contraindications for MonoCLR at this time, however; consult with your primary healthcare provider. If your concerned, we suggest asking your doctor whether or not a tablespoon per day of a 23ppm ionic silver solution may have contraindications with any medications you are currently taking.
We ship all order USPS priority mail out of our main warehouse in Reno, Nevada, United States. Average delivery time to all residences within the continental United States is 3 days. You may also choose to upgrade you shipping to express during checkout.

“After two weeks in bed, I begged my mom to do something…”

“After two weeks in bed I begged my mom to do something. A few days later the package of Monoclr arrived, and a few days after that I was feeling 100% better. Monoclr definitely helps, but should also be used along-side good rest, a healthy diet and mostly a good, positive attitude!” – Stephanie Ludwig, Florida High School Student

“Doctor said I’m back to normal!”

“It has been two weeks since my mononucleosis diagnosis and I was taking a drug that my doctor had prescribed. That treatment was really expensive and didn’t work. Then I told my doctor to check out your site and wanted his approval before I ordered. I am so glad I ordered and got my health back to normal. Another thing was my doctor started to prescribe your product to his other mono patients as well, after I told him how well it worked out for me.”Marie Hernandez

I have been using monoclr for few days and I have to tell you it works very well as they say. I could tell the effects on my throat within minutes after I sprayed it. A heaven sent anti-biotic alternative. Thank you to Jeff on the support team for being so helpful. H. Shukla, MonoCLR Customer 2016
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Having tried number of treatments for mono, I was fed up not finding anything that worked long term. With all the other treatments that I was on it was useless because it kept on coming back, especially my sore throat. Then I found monoclr’s link on webmd and tried it. I have been mono free for 10 months.Ravey Harris, MonoCLR Customer 2008

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